Samurai of Fukushima

1 x 48’

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For over 700 years the Soma descendants of samurai in the Fukushima prefecture have performed feudal-era practices in tribute to their ancestors, culminating in their most important yearly festival known as Soma-Nomaoi, a cavalry competition that keeps the history and lineage of samurai alive. The 2011 tsunami that ravaged areas of Fukushima, destroying homes and industries has also thrown this samurai culture into crisis. The Soma residents, now stripped of their livelihoods, living in evacuation centers and yet to see compensation from TEPCO, view their future as bleak and uncertain. Will the bonds of these samurai families be broken forever?


Program Info

Title Samurai of Fukushima 受け継がれしサムライ精神
Duration 48 min. 48分
Location Fukushima, Japan 福島県
Language Japanese + English subtitle 英語字幕(日本語)
Format HD
Genre Culture, Samurai, Nuclear Disaster 文化、サムライ、原発事故
Directors Keishi UNNO / Kazuyuki KUWANO 海野 圭司 / 岡野 健将
Production Year 2012 2012年
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