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Mountains and nature have always been central to Japanese spiritualism. When Buddhism was introduced in the 6th century and fused with Japanese indigenous beliefs it formed a unique practice still performed to this day called Shugendo. For 1400 years, the Japanese mountain priests known as Yamabushi conduct their daily lives in typical modern fashion, but then throw themselves into Shugendo’s asceticism, entering the forest, climbing mountains, bathing near a waterfall and practicing hard self-discipline in an effort to gain spiritual enlightenment from nature. Take an inside look at this fascinating Japanese culture.


Program Info

Title Yamabushi 修験道とその修業
Duration 45 min. 45分
Language Japanese + English subtitle 英語字幕(日本語)
Format HD
Genre Culture 文化
Directors Tamotsu MATSUBARA 松原 保
Production Power-I, Inc. パワーアイ
Production Year 2014 2014年
Copyright ©2014 Power-I, Inc.
Rights Worldwide (Except Japan)

Director: Tamotsu MATSUBARA

Tamotsu MATSUBARAProducer and director Tamotsu Matsubara with 30 years Documentary and media experience is president of the company. Matsubara has been reporting on the situation in post-tsunami Fukushima since May 2011. He was particularly moved by the thousand-year-old Samurai festival “Soma Nomaoi.” The invincible samurai spirit of the survivors and their struggle to pass on the legacy of their forefathers was captured in the documentary “Samurai of Fukushima,” a joint production with the History Channel that was aired throughout Asia on New Year’s Eve 2013.
He started filming Nuclear Cattle in 2011. This Documentary was a culmination of 5 years hard work. The aim was to film the farmers day-to-day trials and tribulations and follow them as they make the do-or-die decisions that will change their lives for good or bad forever.