Blossom with Tears

1 x 38’

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Children in modern China are praised as flowers of the motherland. This intimate documentary follows two young children, Yuan and Xiang, as they undergo studies and training at Wuqiao Acrobatic School in Hebei Province, and takes an unflinching look at the harsh lives of other families struggling to get in.

Program Info

Title Blossom with Tears 雑技団の子どもたち
Duration 38 min. 38分
Location China 中国
Language Chinese + English subtitle 英語字幕(中国語)
Format HD
Genre Human Interest, Children ヒューマン・ドキュメンタリー、こども
Director JIN Huaqing
Production Jin Huaqing Studio Jin Huaqing Studio
Production Year 2013 2013年
  • 2012 The UNICEF (The United Nation Children's Fund) Prize
  • 2012 The 27th Pärnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival – Best Children's Film Award
  • 2012 The 9th Monterrey International Film Festival – Best Short Documentary Award
  • 2012 The 20th Festival International des Cinemas d’Asian (VIFF) – Youth Award
  • 2012 Ukrainian International Film Festival – Jury Special Award
  • 2012 The 7th Tangier International Film Festival – Jury Special Award
  • 2012 The 1st Phoenix Documentary Awards – Best Short Documentary Award
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