Endless Road

1 x 39’

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In the early spring of 2014, a village began to suffer from pollution emitted from a paper factory. Against Yan’s advice, her mother reported the pollution and now faces retribution from the factory. Yan worries that her family will be torn apart.

Program Info

Title Endless Road 終わりなき道
Duration 39 min. 39分
Location China 中国
Language Chinese + English subtitle 英語字幕(中国語)
Format HD
Genre Social Issue 社会問題
Director JIN Huaqing
Production Jin Huaqing Studio Jin Huaqing Studio
Production Year 2015 2015年
  • 2014 The 9th Mexico City International Documentary Film Festival – Best TV Documentary
  • 2014 The 2nd Tokyo International Green Film Festival – Jury Prize
  • 2014 The 19th Montenegro International Television Festival – Golden Olives Award & Best Visual Award
  • 2014 The 19th St. Petersburg International Eco Film Festival – Best Creative Courage Award
  • 2014 The 5th Chinese Video Festival (UK) - The Most Popular Audience Award
  • 2014 The 4th China Academy Awards of Documentary Film – Best Short Documentary Award
  • 2014 The 20th Hong Kong IFVA Awards – Asian New Force Category Special Award
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