Lament of Yumen

1 x 27’

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50 years ago, Yumen City was established for oil production. Its population had once climbed to 130,000, but after half a century, its oil supply became depleted. The government and administrators, together with 90,000 citizens have now abandoned the city, leaving behind many socially vulnerable residents, such as the old, poor, and handicapped. In such a fast-developing age, this film looks at the social problems caused by resource-depleted cities.

Program Info

Title Lament of Yumen 捨てられた街
Duration 27 min. 27分
Location China 中国
Language Chinese + English subtitle 英語字幕(中国語)
Format HD
Genre Social Issue 社会問題
Director JIN Huaqing
Production Jin Huaqing Studio Jin Huaqing Studio
Production Year 2012 2012年
  • 2012 The 6th Iran International Documentary Film Festival – Special Jury Prize
  • 2012 The 14th Brazil FICA International Film Festival – Best Short Film Award
  • 2012 The 8th European Environmental Art Festival – Special Jury Prize
  • 2012 The 1st Chinese Short Film Media Awards – Best Documentary Award
  • 2012 The 2nd Washington Chinese Film Festival Documentary – Gold Award
  • 2012 The 8th Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival – Nomination
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