Say Cheese!

1 x 25’

Documentary Series “Children, Seize the Future!

A series featuring children living in the diverse world of Asia, overcoming challenges to seize their future.
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Sheru is a street kid from the Delhi underground who became fascinated by photography through a children’s workshop. Whatever he can earn he saves in the Children’s Development Khazana (CDK), a bank managed and run by street kids that also helps them acquire life skills. Sheru wants to return to his estranged, sex-worker mother but more than anything, he wants to buy a camera and become a street photographer. He could easily grumble about his lot in life but he chooses to smile instead, and to make others smile.


Program Info

Title Say Cheese! Say Cheese!勇気をくれたカメラ ~インド~
Series Title Colors of Asia 2017 カラーズ・オブ・アジア2017
Duration 25 min. 25分
Location India インド
Language English subtitle + Japanese subtitle 英語版(英語字幕)/日本版(日本語字幕)
Production Format HD HD
Genre Human Interest ヒューマン・ドキュメンタリー
Productions Carrot Films / TBS VISION, INC. キャロット フィルムズ / 株式会社TBSビジョン
Production Year 2017 2017年
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Copyright ©Carrot Films / TBS VISION, INC.
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