What's Mediart Kids?

Introducing Fun Media Art
We offer an exhibition package of media art works: the package covers from planning to setups.
We especially stress on promoting media art exhibition for children to experience and enjoy.

Easy & Friendly
In the so-called digital art/media art field, the advanced computer and digital technologies are day by day in progress to create many of the innovative works.
Though some of the works are not only the computer-related pieces but very easy to understand, fun to watch, and are opened for all sorts of people, even to whom is not familiar with the art/technology.
We have been thinking about creating the opportunity for those artistic and highly technological yet simple-in-form works to be opened to public.
"Audio-Visual" classes have been arranged nowadays even at elementary school curriculum. Moreover, children have become to have more spare time than before as a result of a five-day week schedule, which led them to learn things from many sides. "Comprehensive Learning" lessons at school also has the same aspect.
Considering the above situation around our children, we would like to try organizing the opportunities for children to enjoy experiencing media art.
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