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Documentary Series “Women in Struggle, Paving the Way for Asia 2015

A series featuring Asian women breaking new ground in contemporary Asia and making progressive changes in their respective societies,despite conventions and taboos that narrow their choices.
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Hong Kong is home to 190,000 Filipino maids. On Sundays, the maids congregate in a square and reminisce about their families back home. A beauty contest for maids is held each June where they dress in their finest in the hopes of winning the crown. But what really lies in the hearts of these Filipino maids?


Program Info

Series Name Colors of Asia 2015 カラーズ・オブ・アジア2015
Duration 26 min. 26分
Location Hong Kong 香港
Language English subtitle + Japanese subtitle 英語版(英語字幕)/日本版(日本語字幕)
Production Format HD HD
Genre Human Interest / Social Issues ヒューマン・ドキュメンタリー / 社会問題
Director Baby Ruth Villarama -
Producers Chuck Gutierrez / Tetsuo Maki Chuck Gutierrez / 牧 哲雄
Productions Voyage Studio / Documentary Japan Voyage Studio / 株式会社ドキュメンタリージャパン
Production Year 2015 2015年
Broadcast information
  • [VTV2] January 22, 2017 (English Version)
  • [NHK WORLD] June 6, 2016 (English Version) Inside Lens: Sunday Cinderella
  • [NHK WORLD] January 28, 2016 (English Version) Inside Lens: Sunday Cinderella
  • [NHK BS1] September 1, 2015 (Japanese Version) カラーズ・オブ・アジア「日曜日のシンデレラ〜香港〜」
  • 2016 Aichi International Women's Film Festival - Nomination Short Film Competition
  • 2016 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival - Special Screening
  • 2017 International Film Festival for Women, Social Issues, and Zero Discrimination - Platinum Award
  • 2017 The National Art Center, Tokyo - Special Screening
Copyright ©Voyage Studios / Documentary Japan
Rights Except the Philippines

Director's Statement

With 500USD monthly salary in HongKong, I get to ask myself if one expensive night of fulfilling a dream worth it? Maybe it is. Maybe that’s how the world works. I am moved on how our domestic helpers spend the rest of their lives in slaving cycles. I find their plight as a microcosm of my own country. Their individual stories strongly mirrors the problem in the Phillippines and perhaps, around the world on how blinded we are by short-lived fame, empty beauty promises of some institutions that we end up giving our little earnings, even our hearts and souls in exchange for our priceless dream.
I'm hoping that this film can highlight both the strength and weaknesses of workers in foreign lands and at the same time learn a lesson or two on migration, love, beauty and its realities.

Director: Baby Ruth Villarama

Baby Ruth VillaramaAfter graduating from the St. Thomas University,she had been working as a producer for the Filipino TV station ABS-CBN. After that, she had worked with the National Geographic Channel, CNN Philippines, and made her debut as a director with “Little Fame” in 2007. Her works have received Silver Medal at UN New York Film Festival, and also the International Critics’ Prize at Eurasia International Film Festival.

Producer: Chuck Gutierrez

Chuck GutierrezChuck Gutierrez is a multi-awarded film editor and producer.
Cinema in major film festivals around the globe including Cannes, Berlin, Pusan, London, Tokyo and New York.He is the co-founder of Voyage Studios which produce new breed of Philippine independent cinema.

Producer: Tetsuo Maki

Tetsuo MakiTetsuo Maki co-founded the production company Documentary Japan in 1981 and led the firm as president from 2001 until last year. He has produced many documentaries and received an ATP (Association of All Japan TV Production Companies) Grand Prix Award in 1991. As a board member of ATP, he is committed to international distribution and co-production.


Cinematographer Dexter dela Peña, FSC -
Field Producer Michael Wong -
Editor Chuck Gutierrez -
Second Camera Baby Ruth Villarama -
Sound Albert Michael Idioma -
Music Von de Guzman -
Color Marilen Magsaysay -
Post Production Facility Voyage Studios -
Cantonese Translator Tiffany Yuen Ka Wai -