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Documentary Series “Women in Struggle, Paving the Way for Asia 2015

A series featuring Asian women breaking new ground in contemporary Asia and making progressive changes in their respective societies,despite conventions and taboos that narrow their choices.
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The hill tribes in northern Vietnam still retain the tradition of child marriage where girls aged 14 or 15 years old are married off to start families. 16-year-old La once dreamed of being a professional singer before she was married at 14. Now she must raise her 10-month-old daughter and help her husband’s family to farm. While taking the baby to visit her husband in high school, La wonders what life would have been like if she hadn’t been married so young.


Program Info

Series Title Colors of Asia 2015 カラーズ・オブ・アジア2015
Duration 26 min. 26分
Location Vietnam ベトナム
Language English subtitle + Japanese subtitle 英語版(英語字幕)/日本版(日本語字幕)
Production Format HD HD
Genre Human Interest ヒューマン・ドキュメンタリー
Director Hung Thanh DAO ダオ・タイン・フン
Producers Van Thuc HA / Yoshiaki Yajima ハー・トゥク・バン / 矢島 良彰
Productions Redbridge / Temjin Redbridge / 株式会社テムジン
Production Year 2015 2015年
Broadcast information
  • [VTV2] January 19, 2017 (English Version)
  • [NHK BS1] September 2, 2015 (Japanese Version) カラーズ・オブ・アジア「少女たちの子守歌~ベトナム~」
  • 2017 International Film Festival for Women, Social Issues, and Zero Discrimination - Award of Excellence
Copyright ©Red Bridge / Temjin
Rights Except Vietnam

Director's Statement

The documentary “Young mother on Vai Thai peak” brings me with a lot of emotion for special little girl turn into a woman when she was very early age.
Most importantly I had a great character whose emotions were always revealed. La has helped us better understand life and destiny of H’Mong women on the high mountain and her struggle in life to survive and carry on her dream to become “a singer”. We brought rice and meat to the mountain to carter our crew. The hardest part is that we couldn’t invite them to eat with us because we had to respect the fact.
Witnessing the family eating corn instead of rice, forest leaves instead of vegetable is something I could never forget!

Director: Hung Thanh DAO

Hung Thanh DAODate of birth: November 18th, 1977
Studied at Ha Noi Academy of Theatre and Cinema in 1999. Began the film career in 2003.
1. Short feature film award in 2005.
2. Documentary award on Ha Noi on the occasion of 1000-year Thang Long- Ha Noi ceremony.
3. The documentary selected to screen in Viet Nam’s the 2013 international documentary festival in the United States, named “The Scarced Trace of Luy Lau”

Producer: Van Thuc HA

CVan Thuc HAFilm Producer – CEO REDBRIDGE TV & FILM PRODUCTION, Van Ha was born in 1975 from an artist family in Vietnam, educated in UK, M.A in International Management, Queen Mary, University of London, UK. Mrs. Van Ha experience working films and media in both Vietnam and international’s markets for more than 10 Van Ha is become unique and the most famous as the youngest successful producers in Vietnam nowadays.

Producer: Yoshiaki Yajima

Yoshiaki YajimaYoshiaki Yajima founded production company, TEMJIN in 1987. He has produced numerous documentary programs with most of his works concentrating on social issues in China and the contemporary history of China and Japan. Yoshiaki has received many domestic and overseas awards including the Golden Nymph award at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. Recently, he’s been focusing his energies on co-productions with production companies in Asia.


Story by Journalist Do Doan Hoang -
Cameraman Pham Thanh Tung -
Location Manager Nguyen QuangVinh -
Production Assistant Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong -
Sound Engineer Ho Quang Huy -
Music Ngo Hong Quang -
Sound Mixing Nguyen Vinh Khoa -
Editor Dao Duy Tu / Nguyen Phu Chat -
Technician Assistant Nguyen Duc Dzung / Ta Trung Dzung -
Photographer James Duong -