Beyond the Wave, Bangladesh Surf Girls

1 x 25’

Documentary Series “Women in Struggle, Paving the Way for Asia 2016

A series featuring Asian women breaking new ground in contemporary Asia and making progressive changes in their respective societies,despite conventions and taboos that narrow their choices.
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Nasima, the first female surfer from Bangladesh, was forced to stop surfing and sell her surfboard after becoming married. When her husband abused her, she decided to leave with her baby and take up surfing once more. Struggling to balance her passion for surfing alongside family obligations, will Nasima be able to win a place at the national surfing competition where she was once a champion?


Program Info

Title Beyond the Wave, Bangladesh Surf Girls 海の向こうに~バングラデシュ・サーフガールズ~
Series Title Colors of Asia 2016 カラーズ・オブ・アジア2016
Duration 25 min. 25分
Location Bangladesh バングラデシュ
Language English subtitle + Japanese subtitle 英語版(英語字幕)/日本版(日本語字幕)
Production Format HD HD
Genre Human Interest / Gender ヒューマン・ドキュメンタリー / ジェンダー
Co-directors Bijon / Arifur Rahman -
Producers Bijon Imtiaz / Makoto Sugano / Junko Takao Bijon Imtiaz / 菅野 誠 / 高尾 順子
Productions Goopy Bagha Productions Limited / TELECOMSTAFF Goopy Bagha Productions Limited / テレコムスタッフ
Production Year 2016 2016年
Broadcast information
Copyright ©Goopy Bragha Productions / TELECOM STAFF INC.
Rights Except Bangladesh

Co-directors' Statement

Beyond the Waves is a love story between Nasima and her husband and her surfboard. And her dilemma to choose one. In the movie we explore a loop in Nasima’s life that she goes back to surfing, and her husband takes her back away. She is going to the same process, get separated and get back again. Just like the waves come over and sweep back away. We hope the viewers will enjoy the film.

Co-director: Bijon

CHRIS HUANGBijon is the first Bangladeshi Film Production/Directing MFA- graduate from the prestigious Film, Television, and Theatre Department of University of California, Los Angeles. His debut feature film Kingdom of Clay Subjects has World Premiered at 42nd Seattle International Film Festival and has won the Best Film Award at 7th Chicago South Asian Film Festival. He has received numerous awards for his filmmaking including Motion Picture Association of America Awards, Edie and Lew Wasserman Film Production fellowship, Dorothy Arzner Memorial Awards, and The Nancy Richardson Fund.

Co-director: Arifur Rahman

Arifur RahmanArifur Rahman became interested in filmmaking while studying Anthropology at Jahangirnagar University. His debut produced film Kingdom of Clay Subjects has World Premiered at 42nd Seattle International Film Festival has won the Best Film Award at 7th Chicago South Asian Film Festival. He has produced shows in collaboration with BBC, Scottish Documentary Institute, Bangladesh Documentary Council. His films have played at the prestigious Sheffield Doc/Fest and International Human Rights Liberation Film Festival.
As a producer and director, he initiated the first open discussion about the rights of the homosexual communities in Bangladesh after the screening of his short documentary Without a Window of His Own at the 6th International Human Rights Liberation Film Festival 2012 at Dhaka.

CProducer: Makoto Sugano

Makoto SuganoMakoto has been involved in television production since 2000. He has directed various shows including documentaries and travel programs. He speaks English fluently having lived in Hawaii and Chicago during his childhood. Makoto’s family run a temple where he underwent monastic training before deciding to enter the working world.


Line Producer Edila Turin -